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Edgewood designs and builds custom log homes that are nothing short of exceptional. Our industry-leading innovations inlog home design and engineering and our commitment to superior master craftsmanship distinguishes our work as a custom home builder and visionary leader in log and timber construction.

30 years ago when I founded Edgewood, I held the vision of creating a company at which thinking outside the box was not only allowed, but also encouraged. We’ve done some pretty incredible projects- from small pioneer log cabins on a remote island in Japan, to extraordinary 24,000 square foot lakeside custom log/timber homes, to huge alpine log homes in a commercial setting at 10,000-foot elevation in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. All of this work was challenging and rewarding, however, I am now focusing on building just a few select custom built homes and interesting projects each year, one at a time.

Over the years, clients have asked us to expand our scope of work, and everything to which we have applied our expertise has gone extremely well. That’s why I’ve decided to take an approach with Edgewood that is unique in the log building industry. We will be the first to require that on each and every project we accept, we will provide the design and the custom log/material package; and we will deliver and assemble on-site – no exceptions. This work is done with precision and creativity, on time, and on budget.

Why am I taking this integrated approach? Because after 30 years of performing all of these tasks individually, I have come to the conclusion that this is truly the only way to be sure that your project is a complete success. This singular focus frees the design and construction process from the constraints of what I call the “manufacturing mindset,” which concerns itself not with meeting the client’s needs, but with production goals, selling pre-designed log home packages, and a constant effort to revise client expectations to fit within a pre-defined, repetitious “cookie-cutter” mold.

Edgewood’s architects and craftsmen are encouraged to experiment and offer their input, a process that ultimately delivers a truly one-of-a-kind project for each and every client we work with. It is only through this freedom that truly inspired architecture and the first-of-their-kind innovations for which Edgewood is known come to fruition.

Brian Schafer, President, Edgewood Log Structures
Brian Schafer
President, Edgewood

Old Growth Reclaimed Logs / The Encomium

Edgewood Firsts

Glass Forest

Glass Forest®

Visually stunning and utterly unique, Glass Forest windows lend striking "outdoors inside" style to your home. This exclusive Edgewood window system literally dissolves the separation between living spaces and spectacular exterior viewscapes, providing visual drama unimpeded by traditional window frames and trim. Designed by Brian Schafer and reflecting his veneration of wood in its natural state, Glass Forest combines advanced engineering with meticulous hand-finishing techniques to render a look that is both structurally sound and exceptionally beautiful

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Sacred Trust

Long before "going green" became popularized, Brian Schafer was dedicating himself to conservation and environmental stewardship. In an effort to access the most rare and unique log materials for Edgewood clients, he worked directly with industry professionals and the states of Idaho and Washington to develop the first of its kind Small Timber Salvage Sale program- promoting the thoughtful harvest of dead or dying trees for a higher and better use. These programs not only promote intelligent forest stewardship, but also have the added benefit of funding public education under the Sacred Trust Doctrine.

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Master Craftmenship

Master Craftsmanship ... One Home At A Time

Brian Schafer's uncommon approach to design and construction of log homes reflects the venerated tradition of master craftsmanship in home building. Much like our most brilliant mid-century architect/master builders, Brian works personally with you- managing your project from the earliest conceptual stages through completion. Building just one home at a time in this way ensures seamless integration through each phase of construction; preserving integrity in design, raw materials, engineering and execution. The result? A home that is nothing short of perfection.

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Pre-Compression Log Construction

Pre-Compression Log Construction™

A long-time innovator in the log home construction industry, Brian Schafers invention of the Pre-Compression Log Construction system truly "changed everything" and enabled Edgewood to reach beyond previously existing boundaries in log home design. Completely eliminating the problem of settling which plagued the industry for years, Pre-Compression Log Construction allows Schafer to incorporate dramatic architecture and elements like soaring multi-story window panels and fireplaces into clients homes without any worry over the long-term stability of walls, doors and windows.

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Hybrid Log Building System

Hybrid Log Building System™

Although log home construction is many hundreds of years old, the process of building with logs is much more time consuming and complex than "modern" stick construction. Crafting the walls of a high-quality log home requires hundreds of skilled labor hours and thus can be a drain on both budgets and craftsmen alike. With the Hybrid Log Building System, Brian Schafer successfully integrates the processes of machine milling with individual hand drawing of logs, delivering a more efficient production system for log wall construction while sacrificing none of the aesthetic qualities of a fully hand-hewn look.

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Thermal Blanket Roof Framing System

Thermal Blanket™ Roof Framing System

Years of experience on hundreds of job sites has inspired Brian Schafer to challenge long-held industry beliefs, rethink problems, and introduce remarkably elegant solutions for his clients. The Edgewood Thermal Blanket Roof Framing System provides a better roofing solution than traditional "cold roof" construction, completely preventing ice-damming, reducing thermal heat loss and delivering a consistent temperature over the entire roof span. But Thermal Blanket is not only greener and more energy-efficient. For homes that weather years of freezing seasons, the System also eliminates interior damage associated with temperature differential.

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