Log Homes Built on a Foundation of Integrity

Selecting the right log home builder to execute your vision is the most important decision you will make in this process. Is Edgewood right for you and your project? We want you to understand our company and values. They’re based on a deep respect for our craft, a lifetime commitment to our clients, a thoughtful approach to quality design and engineering and a core belief in conservation and sustainable building practices.

What Sets Edgewood Apart

“Intelligent” Log Building and Handcrafting
With over a century of collective log building experience, we have developed what we believe are the most intelligent log building and handcrafting methods available today. The backyard of an Edgewood home is a lyrical mix of log and stoneBorrowing a concept from famed American furniture designer Gustav Stickley, we use modern machinery to perform the laborious task of removing the more porous and absorbent “sap wood” from our wall logs. What remains is the “center-cut” heartwood, which is denser, more resilient, and perfectly suited for our pre-compression process to reduce settling. This Hybrid Log Building System allows our world-class craftspeople to direct all of their creativity and focus on the more complex design elements and details.

Many companies mill all of their logs, or offer sub-par “handcrafting” in an effort to produce as many homes as possible.

Edgewood approaches the building process in a thoughtful way. We utilize labor saving automated methods only in areas where they will add value without detracting from the handcrafted look and feel of your home.

Industry-Leading Techniques
A unique transitionary hallway using Aspen wood on the ceilingEdgewood continually explores new building and design techniques that set trends in the industry and provide clients with unique and innovative architectural elements for their log home. An excellent example is our development of the first engineered “pre-compression” log wall building process. This proprietary process minimizes settling of the wall logs and eliminates the need for special hardware; trim boards, plumbing connections, or yearly adjustments to screw jacks.

Other companies settle for the status quo, employing general log construction standards in an effort to sell more homes. This “log commodity” thinking greatly limits what they can offer you.

Edgewood is a true Master Designer / Builder of custom log and timber homes. We construct only a select few projects every year, each as unique as the needs, personal aesthetic and lifestyles of the families that live in them. We understand that you only intend to do this once. We ensure that it will be done right.

Certified Structural Integrity
Edgewood was the first and remains the only log building company to ensure structural integrity by providing review and stamping of all projects by a certified structural engineer. This site-specific review guarantees your peace of mind and ensures a lifetime of enjoyment of your home.

With other companies, when you choose one of their “stock” models from their plan book, they may ignore structural elements and requirements of your specific home site. This jeopardizes the structural integrity and trouble-free longevity of your home.

Edgewood has built over 800 homes worldwide and has never been called back to a job for re-work of any kind.

True Customization
Edgewood works closely with you to explore your ideas, evaluate their functionality and buildability, and then designs your home to meet your expectations in terms of aesthetics, budget and schedule.

Extraordinary Glass Forest Great RoomOther log home companies offer one of two things: a “custom” design that lacks ingenuity and does not properly take into account the specific construction requirements, or a limited number of designs from their plan book from which you may choose a few options, then call it a “custom home.” In this process, your specific site requirements and family needs are not taken into account.

While the “mass-customization” approach may be right for some clients, Edgewood offers true custom log/timber home construction. This bespoke approach to building results in a truly unique home, perfectly suited to your family – a treasure to be enjoyed and passed from generation to generation for years to come.

Unmatched Client Service
Nearly 30 years of experience has taught us that the exchange of ideas and communication with clients is essential in the design phase, which provides the framework for all of the following production and construction phases. Edgewood provides you with personal, timely, accurate, and intelligent answers to any and all questions you may have about your home.

With some companies, your main contact is with a commissioned salesperson. This individual can give you an overview about log homes, but may be looking out for his or her own financial interest and be unable to answer your specific questions through the design and construction phases of your project.

At Edgewood we understand that building your custom log home is one of the largest investments in both time and money that you will make. Our “one home at a time” concept ensures that Brian Schafer, President and Founder of Edgewood is personally involved with every project, and is available to every client on every project we build.

This is the heritage of the master-builder architect and the foundation of integrity upon which every Edgewood log home is built.

Environmental Stewardship
Since its inception, Edgewood has been a leader in the conservation community. Having personally helped develop and implement the small timber stewardship programs in Idaho and Washington, Edgewood President and Founder Brian Schafer has long committed the Historic logs are obtained in an environmentally conscious waycompany to sustainable logging practices and environmental protection. Through the Idaho Small Timber Salvage Program, Edgewood carefully harvests diseased and dead standing trees, leaving healthy green trees to flourish while ensuring that your home is built from the finest logs of consistently high quality. Also, through this “Sacred Trust” program, proceeds from the sale of these trees benefit state public education in Idaho.

“The fact is that doing business in an environmentally conscious way is not only morally right, it also results in a higher quality home,” says Schafer. “We are able to hand-select the logs used in our projects, which gives us consistently high quality raw materials. We use only standing dead wood, with about 10% in each acre meeting our stringent standards for use in Edgewood homes. Some of the highest quality construction grade timber is sourced in this way from the arid Rocky Mountain region, including historic logs that were killed in the Big Burn of 1910. “The quality and historic significance of the timber we use on Edgewood projects is exceptional, and in the process, we’re also helping to fund public education.”

At Edgewood we feel very strongly about the importance of protecting the environment and our natural resources for future generations to enjoy in-perpetuity. This is not a marketing slogan for us; it’s a core value, and it’s the way we’ve always done business.

Learn more about Edgewood building practices and environmental stewardship.