Perfect Will Have To Do. Custom Log Homes

For over 30 years, Edgewood has been designing and building exceptional custom log homes for a discriminating clientele.

Exterior of a beautiful Edgewood log home at duskAs you do your research on log home builders, you should know that there are distinct differences between companies’ service levels, engineering, and building approach. At Edgewood, we build just a few select projects a year and we manage and execute your entire project ourselves – from design, to materials package specification and production, to onsite assembly. This integrated approach is totally unique in the log construction industry. So, why do we do things this way? Because it is the only way to be absolutely sure that your project is a complete success.

Developing your custom log home from concept through completion frees the design and construction process from the “manufacturing mindset,” which primarily concerns itself with production goals and process repetition. This mindset forces clients (and builders) to fit their expectations about what is possible into a narrow, pre-defined and repetitious “cookie-cutter” mold.

A rustic handcrafted stairway in a log homeAn Edgewood log home is truly a custom home, built to your vision- not pieces and parts from previous projects put together on a new home site. Our architects and craftsmen are encouraged to “push the envelope” on creativity and ingenuity throughout the design and construction process, because this is the best way to deliver a one-of-a-kind project for each and every client we work with. It is through this unique culture of creativity that the famed Edgewood look and game-changing innovations for which we are known are brought to the process of designing and building your new home.

These numerous innovations in design and engineering, and our outstanding commitment to superior client service have made Edgewood number one in the construction of sophisticated log homes worldwide. 90% of our business is done through referrals from past clients, and we continue to be the only log construction company that requires the certification of the structural integrity of your new home by providing review and stamping of all projects by a certified structural engineer licensed in your construction area.

In fact, after more than three decades and more than eight hundred homes completed, Edgewood has never been called back to a job for re-work of any kind. We owe this record to an unfailing dedication to the highest construction standards through every phase of your project. Yes, this takes effort, but your proud ownership of an Edgewood home is our ultimate goal.

Whether you’re building your dream home or the ultimate vacation destination for your family and friends, Edgewood offers you design vision, unprecedented features, proprietary construction technology, and the flexibility to flawlessly execute your new home from start to finish…wherever you are building.

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