Exterior shot of a custom log cabin home built by Edgewood Log

We design and build custom log homes that are nothing short of exceptional

When I founded Edgewood® over 40 years ago, I envisioned a company culture that not only allowed but encouraged its employees to think outside the box. Together, the team at Edgewood Log Homes® has conceptualized and constructed many incredible projects—ranging in scale from small pioneer log cabins on a remote island in Japan, to grandiose 24,000-square-foot lakeside log/timber homes, to huge custom log homes in a commercial setting at 10,000-foot elevation in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. All of this work was challenging and rewarding, however, I am now shifting my focus to product innovation and building a few select custom built homes and interesting projects each year, one at a time.


Over the years, different client projects have empowered us to expand our scope of work, and every time we had done so, we have found it went extremely well. That’s why I’ve decided to take a new approach with Edgewood that, you will find, is one of a kind within in the log building industry. We are the only company to provide the design and a custom materials package; which we always deliver and assemble onsite. Edgewood’s work is done with precision and creativity, on time and on budget.


Why am I taking this integrated approach? Because after 40 years of performing all of these tasks individually, I have come to the conclusion that this is truly the only way to be sure that your project is a complete success. This singular focus frees the design and construction process from the constraints of what I call the “manufacturing mindset,” which concerns itself not with meeting the client’s needs, but with production goals, selling pre-designed log home packages, and a constant effort to revise client expectations to fit within a pre-defined, repetitious “cookie-cutter” mold.


Edgewood’s architects and craftsmen are encouraged to experiment and offer their input, a process that ultimately delivers a truly one-of-a-kind project for each and every client we work with. It is only through this freedom that truly inspired architecture and the first-of-their-kind innovations for which Edgewood is known come to fruition.


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Brian Schafer
President, Edgewood®

Our industry-leading innovations in log home architectural design and engineering and our commitment to superior master craftsmanship distinguishes our work as a custom home builder and visionary leader in log and timber construction.

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