Bunkhouse over garage

Home Site Challenges Can Lead To Inspired Log Home Design


Bunkhouse over garage

Creative detailing for authentic “mine shaft” look of garage under the bunkhouse.Old mining style "Bunkhouse"

View looking southeast

Looking East
Old Bunkhouse with new Log Home

Very often a challenging home site serves to inspire the most unique log home design.

In late 2010 I was emailed by a couple from Ouray, Colorado. They said they had been “stalking” my company for quite some time and had always planned to contact me when they were ready to build their new custom log home.

I met them in Durango and spent the next two days giving them a tour of other Edgewood projects across southwest Colorado. We ended the trip by visiting their site, a 9 acre parcel at the end of a road with incredible views of 14,000 foot peaks and a glacial valley. It would truly be a splendid location for one or our Glass Forest® architectural elements.

The couple had owned the land for many years and felt however one drawback to No Download Play! This is due to the fact that players do in cash and casino credits. they knew exactly where they wanted to site the house. However, the site was a lot steeper than they realized and it had some other issues as well – like the steepness of the driveway and the challenge this presented for easy winter access. After seeing their homesite, I recommended that they hire a local surveyor to provide an updated survey of the site, including topographic information, as it would be very http://www.phpaide.com/?langue=fr&id=5 helpful in determining setbacks and the final elevation of the home. At first they were not sure they really needed it, but I explained, “This will be the best $1,500 you have ever spent”.

Needless to say when the surveyor emailed the completed survey to the owners and me, we were shocked to find out that there was a huge avalanche setback tracking right through their chosen building site! With 8 1/2 acres being super steep (over 45 degrees) on the south side,  the avalanche setback to the west, and the 50 foot property line setback to the east, we were left with a scalene triangle, with very little room for the footprint of the home and bunkhouse they wanted to build. Options were discussed, including asking for a variance from the county. Ultimately, we worked together to develop several options that fit the home within the confines of the setbacks while keeping the winter access issues in mind.

Sabrina mentioned that she liked the idea of incorporating a mining theme into the project. I spent some time looking at several of the old mines and mine buildings in the Ouray area and Sabrina was especially helpful in sending photos of mine buildings she had seen. We happened upon the concept of creating a mine shaft look for the subterranean garage with an old mine building on top to serve as the bunkhouse. The 70 foot long by 16 foot wide garage was used as the foundation for the bunkhouse and the back part of the new log home, which is completely separate from the other building.

The unique resulting design appears to be an old mine building and shaft acting as a new garage and bunkhouse- with a new custom log home built right along side.

It”s really true; sometimes the challenging physical constraints of a home site actually lead to the most unique, truly interesting design concepts!

Brian L. Schafer


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