Building Your Sanctuary


Over the past year, people’s priorities have changed. You are not alone. The desire for freedom, to live independently, safely, quietly, and out of the uncertainty of the mainstream is palpable. Our clients are staking a claim for a final and secure heirloom property that will provide an oasis for future generations and future storms. At Edgewood, we’ve been designing and handcrafting luxury log homes in remote locations for over four decades. The Sanctuary Line offers our clients a faster. and all-inclusive alternative to the traditional and lengthy design/build process.


If you are ready to live outside, we invite you to preview the Sanctuary Line.


How it Works


Building a Sanctuary can take several years to complete. In order to deliver the level of service and detail each home requires, we carefully select each project to ensure we are partnering with like-minded individuals. We invite you to get qualified by completing a short questionnaire. Once we have reviewed your project, we will schedule an interview where you’ll be introduced to Edgewood’s founder, Brian Schafer. We’ll talk in-depth about your project, answer questions, discuss timelines, and decide if your Sanctuary home is a good fit for us, and for you.


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Sanctuary Clients


“Our family long dreamed of a fishing cabin in the backcountry. Researching architects and log packages, Brian’s Edgewood Log Homes was at the top of the list for two reasons. The first reason was that his designs were reminiscent of classic western lodges also incorporating window elements to capture outside views. The second reason was that Brian’s log package approach limited shrinkage while utilizing big logs with hand-hewn characteristics. Working with Brian through final design and construction, we were pleased that he was always available and patiently answered our numerous questions. Ever diligent to the smallest details and finish selections, we grew to rely on his experience as we faced many choices to complete the project. When we started the project we hoped the final product would be a place to enjoy extended family time. With Brian’s big logs, stunning views, and attention to classic details it is all that and more, it is spectacular. We thank Brian and his team for helping us realize our dream, one that will delight many of our generations to come.”


Greg H.

Yellow Pine, Idaho


“We have lived in and enjoyed every moment we have spent in the cabin Brian built for us. My wife, Amy, and I took our time over roughly six months and interviewed 4 log cabin companies (three in the pacific northwest and one in Canada) before we selected Edgewood Log Homes. Amy is an architect and we knew from the outset when we met him, that Brian would deliver an exceptional design. Here is what truly sold us on Edgewood. First, Brian is an architect and understands craftsmanship as very few do in the log building industry. He is highly experienced with decades of handcrafting. What this told us is that the workmanship in our cabin would be exceptional. Amy fell in love with the Glass Forest and that truly sealed the deal. Edgewood was a larger investment for us but we decided to spend that money knowing that their “fit and finish” craftsmanship for quality was unmatched. None of the other companies even came close. Logs fit where interlocked- An unmatched level of care went into how each piece was cut and sanded- Brian and his team work incredibly hard to assure this level of perfection. On a personal note, Brian and the crew made the entire building experience enjoyable. If we decide to build another cabin one day…we would hire Edgewood again, in a heartbeat.”


Mark D.

Lake Tahoe, California