Architectural Questionnaire

This questionnaire is to help us with the:

  • Importance in regards to estimating sq. ft. price
  • Getting to know a little more about your expectations for your new home.
  • Insight into your life and our relationship

Please attach any of the following available documents with this completed form:

  • Images
  • Furniture/artwork inventories
  • Site information/soils/topo.
  • Or anything else you feel will be useful in regards to your new home

This questionnaire helps us determine what square footage price range, style, and schedule we should be targeting and to minimize the amount of additional changes not associated with the design process. Please be as specific as you can with the understanding that this is a “process” - one that allows for changes, giving us a basis to begin the design process and work on as efficiently as possible on your behalf.

Please just do your best in answering these questions below. We realize that some of these questions will be a challenge, don’t worry too much about it as we will help you fill in and or revise as we work together with you to further define your project.




We realize that this is largely effected by many factors, however please just do your best. Building in the mountains means you have a short building season so proper planning and scheduling is critical. Working outside in the winter at altitude is slower, more dangerous, and more costly. We try to avoid this when possible. Therefore, if a construction window is missed by a month or two, it can mean the loss of an entire year in order to stay on budget and avoid working in the winter.


This is typically the part that you can get HIM to fill in! It is however still pretty important. In the mountains especially considerations need to be given to access requirements not only for the primary vehicles but for tools and equipment such as snow blowers and gardening equipment. At the same time it is no fun to show up at the cabin for an enjoyable weekend only to find you need to shovel the big pile of snow that fell from the roof before you can even get the car into the garage. Unloading of belongings, groceries, etc.. should be seamless and thoughtful.


Please use as much space as you need here. For example HOA and DRB information is important information for us to have prior to the start of the design process. Please also consider the impact of and to your neighbors if any. Prevailing winds, steepness of the site, public or private roads, all this is helpful information.


Describe the genesis of your desire for a rare and custom Mountain Architecture style home. Did you grow up going to a lakeside log cabin for summer vacation? Do you know someone who enjoys the healthy lifestyle, energy efficiency, family memories, and sense of pride that can only come from a home that is perfectly suited to their specific needs?


We believe that due to the unique construction medium of a log/timber home (no other construction style uses elements that are both structure and finish at the same time), the exterior landscaping deserves a great deal of attention as well. The end result is a home that blurs the line between interior and exterior space. The home looks organic, as if it is a part of the surrounding landscape not competing with it. Conversely, the seamless transitions home make one feel as if they are “living” in nature.


During the design process Edgewood is always thinking about issues that are of great value to you in the years to come. Maintenance, snow accumulation, icy and steep driveways, and yes energy efficiency and our carbon footprint. For instance during the design process of your project we will utilize our 3-D software to develop a sun study. The software uses your geographic coordinates to provide a visual reference for how and where the sun will interact with your home. We can insure that using proper window sizing and roof overhangs that during the heat of the summer when the sun is at its highest path it will just hit under the window in the middle of the day. Conversely, in the winter when we welcome the suns radiant heat, it will flood the southern windows with warmth and natural light.

Rate the following by priority 1-5. 1=very important. 5=least important.

Please attach any of the following available documents:

  • Images
  • Furniture/artwork inventories
  • Site information/soils/topo.
  • Or anything else you feel will be useful in regards to your new home


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